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John Bolton

John Bolton

Department of Botany
University Avenue
University of Cape Town

Rondebosch, 7701, RSA

Ph: # (0)21 650

Email: john.bolton(at)uct.ac.za
Website: http://www.biologicalsciences.uct.ac.za/


Algal biologist. Author of over 80 peer-reviewed publications on seaweed biology. Main current interests are in seaweed biodiversity, biogeography and conservation, as well as seaweed resource utilisation and ecology, seaweed mariculture, and the integrated aquaculture of seaweeds with marine animals.

Professional Affiliations:

President of the International Phycological Society (2008-9) (Vice-President 2006-7) (Past President 2010-2011)

Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the International Phycological Society (1996-8 and 2006-2011).

President of the Phycological Society of Southern Africa, 2006-7 (previously also President of PSSA, 1989-91).

Member of the ALGAL NOMENCLATURE COMMITTEE of the International Botanical Association 1998-present.

Member of the International Advisory Board of the African Journal of Marine Science, 2005-current.

Latest Publications:

  1. Bolton JJ, Robertson-Andersson DV, Shuuluka D & L. Kandjengo (2009). Growing Ulva (Chlorophyta) in integrated systems as a commercial crop for abalone feed in South Africa: a SWOT analysis. J. Appl. Phycol. 21: 575-583
  2. Anderson RJ, Bolton JJ, Stegenga H (2009). Using the biogeographic distribution and diversity of seaweed species to test the efficacy of Marine Protected Areas in the warm temperate Agulhas Marine Province, South Africa. Diversity and Distributions 15: 1017-1027
  3. Santelices B, Bolton JJ & Meneses I (2009). 6. Marine Algal Communities. In: Marine Macroecology. JD Whitman & K Roy (Eds). Chicago University Press. pp. 153-192.
  4. Lategan C, Kellerman T, Afolayan AF, Mann MG, Antunes EM, Smith PJ, Bolton JJ, Beukes DR (2009). Antiplasmodial and antimicrobial activities of South African marine algal extracts Pharmaceutical Biology 47: 408-413
  5. Rothman M.D., R. J. Anderson, C. J. T. Boothroyd, F. A. Kemp, J. J. Bolton (2009). The gracilarioids in South Africa: long-term monitoring of a declining resource. J. Appl Phycol 21:47–53



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