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Charles Griffiths

Charles Griffiths

Department of Zoology
John Day Building
University Avenue
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch, 7701, RSA

Ph: # (0)21 650 3610

Email: charles.griffiths(at)uct.ac.za
Website: http://www.zoology.uct.ac.za/


Primarily marine invasive species and marine biodiversity/ taxonomy but also general rocky shore ecology

Professional Affiliations:

Zoological Society of SA
Editorial boards: Marine Biology, African Natural History, African Zoology, Koedoe

Latest Publications:

  1. Lanterbecq D, Hempson T*, Griffiths C and Eeckhaut I 2009 Myzostoma fuscomaculatum (Myzostomida), a new myzostomid species from False Bay, South Africa). Hydrobiologia 2009: 619: 145-154.
  2. Ferreira H.L, N.G. Vine, C.L. Griffiths and H. Kaiser 2008. Effect of salinity on growth of juvenile silver kob, Argyrosomus inodorus. Afr J. Aquatic. Sci 33(2):161-165.
  3. Marr SM Sutcliff LME, Day JA, Griffiths CL Skelton PH 2009. Conserving the fishes of the Twee River, Western Cape, South Africa – revisiting the issues. African Journal of Aquatic Sciences 34(1): 77-85.
  4. Teske, Peter R., Colin McLay, Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo, Luciano B. Beheregaray, Isabelle Papadopoulos, Brent K. Newman, Charles L. Griffiths, Christopher D. McQuaid, Nigel P. Barker, Gaetan Borgonie. 2009. Tri-locus sequence data rejects a ‘Gondwanan origin hypothesis’ for the African/South Pacific crab genus Hymenosoma. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 53~: 23-33.
  5. Griffiths, C.L. Mead A., Robinson T.B. 2009. A brief history of marine bio-invasions in South Africa. African Zoology 44: 241-247.
  6. Wanless, R, Sauer, W. Scott, S. Andrew T., Glass, J. Godfrey, B. Griffiths, C. Holloway, P. Yeld E., 2010 Semi-submersible rigs: transporting marine ecosystems



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