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Frank Shillington

Frank Shillington

Department of Oceanography
RW James Building
University Avenue
University of Cape Town
Rondebosch, 7701, RSA

Ph: # (0)21 650 3277

Email: frank.shillington(at)uct.ac.za
Website: http://sea.uct.ac.za


Satellite remote sensing observations of SST, Chl, winds, altimetry; Coastal oceanography; Wind waves; Numerical modeling of Shelf Circulation

Professional Affiliations:

BCLME early warning systems, Shelf Circulation modeling; IRD Numerical modeling of Shelf Circulation; IOC Capacity Building panel; Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research

Latest Publications:

  1. Veitch, J.A., P. Penven, F.A. Shillington 2010. Modelling equilibrium dynamics of the Benguela Current system. Journal Physical Oceanography, (in press).
  2. Hutchings L., C.D. van der Lingen, L.J. Shannon, R.J.M. Crawford, H.M.S. Verheye, C.H. Bartolamae, A.K. Van Der Plas, D. Louw, A. Kreiner, M. Ostrowski, Q. Fidel, R.G. Barlow, T. Lamont, J. Coetzee, F. Shillington, J. Veitch, J.C. Currie, P.M.S. Monteiro 2009. The Benguela Current: an ecosystem of four components. Prog. Oceanogr., 83, 15-32. doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2009.07.046
  3. Veitch, J.A., P. Penven, F.A. Shillington 2009. The Benguela: a laboratory for comparative studies. Prog. Oceanogr., 83, 296-302. doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2009.07.008
  4. Fawcett A.L., Pitcher G.C. and F.A. Shillington 2008. Nearshore currents on the southern Namaqua shelf of the Benguela upwelling system. Continental Shelf Research (2008), doi:10.1016/j.csr.2008.02.005
  5. Whittle C., Lutjeharms J. R. E.,Duncombe Rae C. M. AND F. A. Shillington 2008. Interaction of Agulhas filaments with mesoscale turbulence; a case study. South African Journal of Science, 104, 135-139.



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