Laura Blamey

Marine ecology, reef ecology, ecosystem change, coastal ecosystems, fisheries ecology, ecosystem modelling


James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute
Department of Environment
University of Seychelles


I’m a marine ecologist, formerly in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cape Town, and now at the James Michel Blue Economy Research Institute, University of Seychelles. My main interests lie in coastal ecology, species interactions, ecosystem change, as well as ecosystem modelling and statistical ecology. My research centres around coastal ecosystems, with a strong focus on kelp forest systems and nearshore reefs and the key species inhabiting these systems. I use both empirical and modelling approaches to try and understand the interactions between key species in kelp ecosystems, shifts in ecosystem states, drivers of ecosystem change and how these changes might influence important fisheries.



Senior Lecturer, University of Seychelles, 2017-present

NRF Research Career Advancement Fellow, University of Cape Town, 2014-2017

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cape Town, 2011-2013


Grants and Awards:

Earthwatch Coral Communities Seychelles Fellowship, 2017

NRF Research grant for 5 years  - 2014-2019

FSU Mote Symposium Young Investigator Award, 2011



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Publications submitted

McQuaid, C. and L.K. Blamey. Submitted. Ex Africa semper aliquid novi: 25 years of advances in South African marine ecology. Systematics Association Special Volume "Interactions in the Marine Benthos - A Regional and Habitat Perspective"


Blamey, L.K., De Lecea, A., Jones, L. and G.M. Branch. Submitted. Has the diet of the Tristan lobster Jasus tristani at Nightingale Island been influenced by the 2011 soya spill?


Current Postgrad Students:



Genevieve Maharaj (co-supervising with A/Prof Coleen Moloney)


Ross Coppin               (co-supervising with A/Prof A.J. Smit, UWC)

Sizo Sibanda               (co-supervising with Dr Kerry Sink, SANBI)

Loyiso Dunga             (co-supervising with Drs Mark Rothman, Kerry Sink, Melanie Luck-Vogel and Prof John Bolton)


Graduated Postgrad Students


2017 Kathryn Morris           

2017 David Levy        (co-supervisors Dr S. Elwen, Ms B. Jones, SEASEARCH)

2016 Luke Jones        (co-supervisors Dr A. de Lecea, Prof G.M. Branch)