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Lydiane Mattio

Dr Lydiane Mattio

My post-doc project is the Taxonomic revision, phylogeny and geographic distribution of the genus Sargassum (Phaeophyceae, Fucales) in the South West Indian Ocean. This project fits into a larger and longer time-scale project I have. The global aim is to revise the Sargassum diversity and study species distribution in the Indo-Pacific. My Master and PhD project were focussed on the Pacific Ocean while during my first post-doc I started to sample and study in the Indian Ocean (Maldives & Mayotte). My Pos-Doc at UCT is a really good opportunity to work more on the Indian Ocean species, especially in the South West region.

I am based in the Botany Department at UCT where I work in close relationship with the seaweed team (John Bolton, Rob Anderson et. al.). My work involves sampling of specimens along the coast of East Africa and SW Indian Ocean islands (low tide sampling from the shore or SCUBA). Specimens are usually pressed and dried as herbarium vouchers while samples are kept in silicagel for later molecular analyses. Species identification is done with a double approach involving both traditional morphological characters and modern DNA markers. Species lists and geographical distribution known for the region are then revised and taxonomic ambiguities resolved when necessary.

Contact details:
Botany department & Marine Research Institute – University of Cape Town.


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